About the Centre

CSPS was initiated by Massimo Rosati (1969-2014) and members of the Faculty of Letter and Philosophy at Tor Vergata in 2008. The aim of CSPS has been to become a centre of excellence for sociological, political and philosophical research on religion and politics in Italy and worldwide. The relationship between religion and politics is being renegotiated under the impact of a pluralization and heterogenization of religious landscapes worldwide. Legal arrangements between religions and political institutions, the place of religion in the public sphere and the connection between religion and the political have become common objects of research over the last decades. CSPS takes account of this new focus on religion in sociological and political research. We believe that questions concerning religion and politics can best be addressed from the empirical and normative perspective of post-secularity: from the sociological and political study of practices of religion in secular environments and religious leadership, and from the philosophical reassessment of secular political modernity. CSPS therefore promotes interdisciplinary, non-confessional sociological, political and philosophical research on religion and politics. As part of the interdisciplinary research-area of Tor Vergata, CSPS functions as independent research unit on post-doctoral and advanced level. Its aim is to provide researchers with the institutional structure and support to pursue externally funded individual projects and get involved in international and national research networks. The work of CSPS includes the organization of workshops and conferences and the support for doctoral students enrolled at Tor Vergata

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